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15% from invoice to you
Forever, permanently, even if you leave,
on monthly basis
Bring a customer and you will receive 15% of each invoice paid by them forever. You don't even have to work for us, go to the office and so on. Just attract the client.
Want 30%? OK, then you should become a account Manager, conduct all communication with the client and discuss technical details.
15% from invoice to you - Salesman wanted

We invite you to work with us!
We are a small software development company with extensive experience working with the USA, Germany, England, Australia. We are located in Prague, Czechia. And we work worlwide! All you have to do -> is attract a client. You can be in any city in any country, the main thing is English language and good communication!
You need to actively sell - call and offer, write. If you can sell in any other way, please sell our services as best you can. From us you will receive a SIM card with an unlimited tariff and instructions, training.

Usually one or two clients load the entire team for years to come. Therefore, do not miss your opportunity to receive 15 % from each invoice. You may need to search for clients for only 1 - 2 months, and the rest of the time only receive benefits. This is one of the coolest offers on the market.

If you can find more clients, we can expand our team several times and you will receive many times more money. You've probably heard what expensive software development services are? So 15% is cool!

It is necessary that you:

  • we don't care who you are and where you look for clients;
  • you bring clients - we are all happy;
  • we can work with you anonymously;
  • we can pay this 15% in cryptocurrency;

Write to me at followMe@blackwood.cloud or write in telegram//whatsapp +420 604 577 802. We will meet in Skype/Zoom/Hangouts, I will tell you the main things, give you a SIM card and in an hour you can work. [position #1]

15% from each invoice - Account Manager wanted

Look, when someone attract a client to us -> the client will communicate with you (not directly with programmers), you need to always be in touch with that client.
You should preferably come to the client's office (or meet in the Skype/Zoom etc), listen the client, understand what he wants, write it all down in a document, then show this document to the programmers -> agree the price with the programmers -> go back to the client, justify the price and sign the contract, attach all the requirements for the software to the contract (you write the technical specification: where is the button, where the picture will be, all the functionality that the application or website should do).
Then when the software is written, you go to the client and give them this software.

All, the deal is closed, you get 15% of the transaction amount. Then you communicate with the client, offer them something to improve, something to edit, supporting, order something else etc. In General, you are attached to a specific client and when he calls our company, he is always redirected to you. The programmer can also do this, but then he won't have time to write code. The work is not difficult. You are the link between the programmers, the tester, and the client.
You can combine being a Salesman with us and get 15% , and be an account Manager at the same time and get another 15%. In total, you will receive 30% of the order.

It is necessary that you:

  • have sales skills;
  • negotiation skills;
  • stress tolerance;
  • have a very good English

Your job is directly related to fact, when the salesman will find a client. Therefore, the algorithm is similar, but slightly longer. Write to me at followMe@blackwood.cloud or write in telegram/whatsapp +420 604 577 802, we will meet in Skype/Zoom/Hangouts, I will give you instructions, create an email, and as soon as the client appears, you will work with him. With the first clients, I will help you as much as possible. [position #2]